Sulfamate concrete high efficiency water reducing agent

Sulfamate concrete high efficiency water reducing agent

Product features: The product meets GB8076-2008 standard. And it is developed by our company, with the features of low dosage, high efficiency and small damage in slumps.

Application field: Portland cement, blast furnace slag cement and flyash cement

Storage, packaging and transportation:

1.The product should be stored in cool place to avoid sunlight. Its quality guarantee period is 12 months under the temperature below 40℃.

2.Packed with iron tank or plastic drum or according to customer requirement

Technical index:

1.Red brown sticky liquid; effective component: 20∼30%; PH=8.0∼9.0;

2.Dosage: 1.2%∼2.5% of binding material; water reducing rate: 15%∼30%;

3For most cement, the damage is less than 10%;

4.Gas leading quantity≤1%;

5.Improve concrete strength by 40%;

6.No corrosion on reinforcing steel bar;

7.Freezing point: -5℃.